We measure our success by the success of our customers. We create a win-win situation at every opportunity there is. We have long realized that the foundation for our ultimate growth resides on our customers' total satisfaction. We are dedicated to meeting their business needs with means that provide them with a competitive edge. Further we team with them in ways that strengthen the long-term benefits in a partnership with Apeks. We care our customers not in words but in action.


Apeks holds a strong conviction on constant innovation with people, product to service. It is the people who make a difference in today's world, and we grasp every opportunity to employ the best and the brightest people. With these people, we strive after steadfast innovation in every phase of our operation. We keep constant innovation.


Apeks firmly believes that integrity comprises the core principle of our business culture. This principle is deeply instilled in every node and process of our global operational network. Whether we work with customers, prospects, suppliers or our own associates, we always adopt an open, honest, sincere way to achieve our goals, and stick to our commitments and never make any promise that we cannot carry it through. We rely on integrity to accomplish our success.


Apeks believes in open and fair competition in global market. We also believe in the inherent mechanisms of market economy where demand drives supply, innovation creates new markets, and customers' choice and market demand control prices and competition. "The survival of the fittest" results from a thorough understanding of markets, and following the intrinsic rules of market economy. We respect market mechanisms.


Apeks firmly maintains that constant drive for innovation leads to creativity and progress. It requires new perspectives, new mindset, and new ways of analyzing and solving problems. It also necessitates new sensitivity to opportunities with a high sense of urgency and crisis. We nurture creativity.


Apeks reveres diversity. It is diversity that makes organizations strong, and that yields wisdom. Diversity stimulates different ways of thinking, of doing things and creating solid state of workforce. Bringing together a diverse pool of talent enables us to reinforce our foundation for our growth and prosperity. We promote diversity.


We believe in change, change inside organization and outside. Change brings about challenges and opportunities to everyone working in Apeks. Change forces Apeks to constantly scrutinize its fundamentals, grasp opportunities to rise to new heights and operate in new ways. Change represents what Andy Grove called a strategic inflection point. Change has become a constant instead of a variable in today's world. At Apeks, we are endeavoring to change the way business is operated and conducted. We are even changing the way people think of market, our products and services. So we are changing a perspective, a goal, a habit and a mindset. We create changes for the better.


Together, we rise. Apeks has long realized the significance of working together closely within as a team, and with suppliers and customers outside as a family. Together we are creating and defining a sphere of the world where business is conducted with ever higher integrity and optimum. Together, we are defining the business of the future.


We respect each individual for their life style, choice, decision, personality and opinions. We treat them as we hope to be treated ourselves. We hold zero tolerance for nothing less than being respectful to others. Respect is at the core of Apeks culture. We respect people.


We hold strongly the belief that communication plays a critical role in achieving our goals. It is in fact more than a belief; it is a principle at Apeks, and a must. Communication both inside and outside Apeks leads to high efficiency and productivity, and related to this, customer satisfaction. We are obligated to communicate with one another as a team, and with suppliers and customers as a family. Through efficient communication, we add value to information which ultimately moves people. We communicate information that moves people who in turn move products and services more efficiently.


Excellence in every aspect of our operation is not our future goal but rather, it is a norm at Apeks in its daily performance. We are never satisfied with anything less than the very best in everything we do. We continuously elevate the standard for everyone. The ultimate test for us here will be for all of us to determine just how good we can really be and if excellence has its limit. We perform rather than speak of excellence.