Technical Support

Apeks International offers free technical support to our customers. This includes providing information on our product, its function and mechanism, as well as product installation instructions.

Apeks International has a toll free hotline for technical support. For technical support, please call: 1-888-support or 1-888-787-7678.

Or if you prefer to contact us via email or fax, please follow the following instructions:
Welcome to the Online Service Department. Here's where we respond to your particular electrical system questions, such as:

Something seems odd with my alternator or starter. Is it a problem I need to fix?
Can you help me fix this myself?
Is this a problem other than alternator or starter?
Do I need a replacement alternator or starter?
No one seems able to fix my alternator or starter right. Can you help me find a solution?
What type of instructions can I obtain to fix the problem?

Here's how Service Department works. Please fill out the form supplied with this web site about your vehicle--and the problems or questions you have--as completely as possible. The more information we receive the better we will be able to help you.

If you prefer to print the form first and fill it in by hand, please use the Manual Fax Form. (You can also take the printed Manual Form with you to fill out later, or to give it to someone else to fill out.)

After completing the form, click the "Submit Form" button to send your request.

If you selected Fax delivery, you will print the form from your browser and fax it to us at 770-449-0345.

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