Trouble Shooting





NOISY ALTERNATOR 1. Worn or prayed belt. 2. Loose alternator mounting. 3. Alternator fan hitting house. 4. Loose pulley and fan assembly. 5. Too tight a fan belt causing bearing failure.
OVER CHARGING (BOILING BATTERY) 1. Battery.2. Bad connection in wire harness to the alternator.3. Bad regulator.4. Bad connections, main power lead at the battery fusible link.5. Corroded battery terminals.
LOW OUTPUT FROM ALTERNATOR 1. Loose fan belt on alternator.2. Loose fan belt from crank shaft pulley to drive pulley for the alternator.3. Bad or misadjusted regulator.4. Bad battery (not accepting the charge from the alternator).5. Bad connections in wire harness. 6. High resistance across the fusible link. 7. Corroded battery terminals.
NO OUTPUT FROM THE ALTERNATOR 1. Bad connection in the wire harness to alternator. 2. Bad ignition switch. 3. Loose or broken fan belt. 4. Bad regulator. 5. Bad battery (not allowing the regulator to turn on). 6. Bad ground connections. 7. Regulator sensing circuit open. 8. Bad control relays. 9. Bad ground circuit to the regulator. 10. corroded battery terminals.
STARTER FAILS TO OPERATE (AT ALL) 1. Dead battery .2. Bad battery cable connections. 3. Ignition switch faulty .4. Open wiring in the starter circuit. 5. Bad starter relay. 6. Bad solenoid. 7. Loose connection on solenoid. 8. Bad battery.
STARTER RUNS BUT ENGINE WILL NOT WORK 1. Worn teeth on the ring gear. 2. Broken section on the ring gear. 3. Faulty solenoid. 4. Improper adjustment between starter drive and bell housing(shims).
STARTER CRANKS BUT ENGINE SLOWLY 1. Weak or dead battery. 2. Engine overheated. 3. Engine oil too heavy. 4. (diesel) weeping injectors. 5. (diesel) bad or closed pump. 6. Too tight an engine (just rebuilt or overhauled).
STARTER DRIVE WILL NOT DISENGAGE 1. Starter loose on mounting. 2. Faulty ring gear. 3. Faulty ignition switch. 4. Faulty start relay. 5. Faulty solenoid. 6. Poor spacing between starter and ring gear (spacers).
WHINE SOUND DURING CRANKING 1. Bad ring gear. 2. Poor spacing between drive and ring gear (too much).
WHINE SOUND AFTER KEY IS RELEASED 1. Bad ring gear. 2. Poor spacing between drive and ring gear (too little). 3. Drive will not disengage.
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