currently carries two major brands in the global market: APEKS and PANATEK. All the graphic designs for packaging are done in-house by our own graphic design team who work tirelessly to meet not only our own demands but also our customers'. The expertise of our professionals together with their dedication delivers the highest quality designs with lightning speed. Quality and speed are what distinguish our graphic design team from the competition.

Most important of all, Apeks graphic design team works seamlessly with our engineering, production, sales and customer service teams to deliver to our customers the designs and the final product-graphic boxes as part of free service. Our customers, therefore, will enjoy not only our best quality products and services but the image and branding that Apeks designs help to project in the market.

Apeks has been working closely with a number of packaging material suppliers and printing mills over the last decade. We provide to our customers not only quality services and products but the most competitive cost in packaging materials as well.

The following are some samples of APEKS and PANATEK packaging for Apeks products.