Product Features

Every alternator is tested under simulated work load conditions through computer controlled tester.

Maximum charging capabilities
Meets or exceeds O.E.M. specifications
Passes unique 12 point production testing
Unit: 100% full load & low speed tested for OEM amperage and voltage output
Voltage regulator: 100% tested; Replaced with new as necessary
Brushes: 100% new
Bearings: 100% new, sealed or shielded, packed with high temperature grease
Rotor: 100% tested for proper output & replaced as necessary
Stator: 100% tested for proper amperage, insulation integrity & phase balance. High temperature windings
Drive shaft: 100% gauged & polished
Slip rings: 100% new, or remachined to less than or equal to .05 mm runout
Rectifier & diodes: 100% tested & replaced if required with higher amp rated diodes
Bearing seat: 100% gauged & remachined where needed
All fans & pulleys: 100% checked, plated or painted. Fan straightened and pulley replaced with new if needed
Hardware: 100% new, plated



Unit: 100% full load and free-run tested for OEM torque, amp draw & RPM
Brushes: 100% new
Brush plate: 100% checked, cleaned and realigned as necessary
Drive: 100% new rollers, springs and rollers lubricated with high temperature grease
Drive gear: 100% chamfer checked, remachined or replace with new if needed
Bushings: 100% new, self-lubricating
Solenoid: 100% disassembled and tested for pull/hold strength. Checked, cleaned and refaced contacts; replaced with new if needed
Solenoid cap: 100% checked and replaced with new high temp cap when needed
Brush holder: 100% checked, cleaned and realigned if needed.
Armature: 100% tested, gauged and shimmed, and straightened if necessary
Commutator: 100% remachined to less than or equal to .05 mm runout
Field coil: 100% tested for proper resistance, insulation integrity and continuity. Rewind or replaced with new as needed
Permanent magnets: 100% tested for field strength
Shift lever, pivot and contact points: 100% lubricated
Housings: 100% checked, cleaned and dipped for corrosion and rust-proofing
Hardware: 100% new, plated