About Us


Apeks, a leading manufacturer and supplier for automotive OEM and aftermarkets, is an independent industrial group fully dedicated to the design, production, sales, marketing and distribution of automotive components, integrated systems and modules for passenger cars, and light and heavy duty trucks. Apeks has manufacturing plants, R&D centers, and distribution facilities in the United States of America and People's Republic of China.

Apeks started its US operation in 1989, for the purpose of supplying products with the best value to the global market, and has since been growing tremendously in its global market share.

Over the last decade, Apeks, having capitalized on its global resources, has started its distribution in the US market with its automotive electrical products- alternators and starters to have expanded into a full-line supplier for automotive component parts, integrated systems and modules, and major accessories.

Since its very outset in global market a decade ago, Apeks has been tirelessly and successfully building a strong image with a unique reputation for quality in the industry. Over the years, Apeks has been aggressively and relentlessly pursuing its goal of delivering to its customers the best total customer experience.

Our engineers and technicians are highly qualified and specially trained in modern automotive components manufacturing technologies. Further, with state-of-the-art equipment, all the plants adopt TQC, JIT and Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodologies to implement strict production and quality control procedures to ensure that every component meets or exceeds OEM standards. All our plants are ISO 9000 and QS 9000 qualified and are supplying both OEM and aftermarkets.

All these high standard procedures with meticulous attention by highly skilled workers to every detail of the process make each of our products a piece of artwork and represent the mark of a well-executed product. After the final assembly, each unit is put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that each unit that comes off production lines meets or exceeds OE specifications

Over the years, Apeks product has weathered the test of time and through the years, the integrity of our highest quality control standards and our dedication to quality have remained constant. We let our product speak for its quality in performance, and we let our customers be the final judge.

Customer service is always the top priority at Apeks. Customer First is not a cliche but rather a constant that dominates every node of our operation process. In fact, it has long been an integral part of Apeks culture that accepts nothing less than the best service we offer to our customers. In customer service, there is never "extra miles", and total customer satisfaction is what Apeks has never compromised.

Supplier relationship management (SRM) is also a critical sphere of Apeks operation. We always adhere to the ultimate principle of win-win situation. With all the suppliers, Apeks has formed strategic partnership that lays the solid foundation for mutual prosperity today and tomorrow.

Apeks business scope is international. With customers across the world, Apeks has been able to integrate world-wide customer outlook and demands into all phases of its operation from management, to design, production, and service. Global thinking has forged Apeks into a quality and customer oriented company. Global thinking has made Apeks products the highest quality in world parts.

Apeks currently has two major operating facilities in the United States: one in Atlanta, Georgia and other in Los Angeles, California. These two distribution centers are strategically positioned to serve customers across the Continental US, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.